Summary and thoughts from a conference – attending the 7th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing

Keywords: open access, COASP, conference, open access policies, transition, national open access approach, offsetting, gold open access, publication funds, metrics, standards


The Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing, COASP, is held annually with the aim of reaching professional publishing organizations, independent publishers and university presses, as well as librarians, university administrators and other stakeholders. Here, we outline some themes and highlights from this year’s conference.

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Helena Stjernberg, Malmö University Library


Malmö University Library

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Eriksson, Jörgen, Helena Stjernberg, and Aina Svensson. 2015. “Summary and Thoughts from a Conference – Attending the 7th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing”. Nordic Perspectives on Open Science 1 (December):37–50.