Open, transparent and honest – the way we practice research




Research integrity, RCR, Open Science, research policy


This paper makes the case for Open Science as a means to support and practice Responsible Conduct of Research. Responsible and ethical research practices imply research integrity in terms of transparency, honesty and accountability in all parts of research, being it when attaining funding for research, collecting and analyzing research data, collaborating on research, performing scholarly communication, e.g. authoring and disseminating research etc. Likewise, the topics normally associated with Open Science directly support responsible conduct and in fact, one can argue that Open Science is a ubiquitous prerequisite for good research practice.


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Author Biography

Bertil Fabricius Dorch, University of Southern Denmark

Dorch has decade’s experience as an astrophysicist at e.g. The Royal Swedish Academy of Science (1999-2002) and at The Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen (2002-2011). Previously at The Royal Library of Denmark (2005-2013). Presently employed at University of Southern Denmark as Head of Library (Library Director). Futhermore President of the Danish Reseach Library Association (2014-). Chairman of the Danish Library Directors' Conference (2015-). Board member of SPARC Europe (2014-), and of the Evidence-based Research Network (EBRN).


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Dorch, Bertil Fabricius. 2015. “Open, transparent and honest – the way we practice research”. Nordic Perspectives on Open Science 1 (October):25–30.