Implementation of Open Science in Lithuania




open science landscape, research data repository, open access policy, open science implementation, open access infrastructure, research data life cycle


The number of open science policies being adopted in Europe by universities and research institutions is constantly increasing, however many European countries face difficulties while implementing open science practically. This publication reveals the Lithuanian landscape of open science policies and institutional involvement in open science practices. Prerequisites for sustainable and consistent open science implementation such as open science infrastructure, incentives for researchers, research assessment, and repositories' compliance with EC requirements on a national level are discussed.


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Author Biography

Rasa Dovidonytė, Library of Kaunas University of Technology

Rasa Dovidonytė is a senior information manager at the Library of Kaunas University of Technology. She has her master's degree in International Business. Being subject librarian of School of Economics and Business Rasa gives information literacy trainings for academic community, collaborates with academic community seeking to find out and meet the information needs of the community. Rasa is in the field of open science since 2015. Participating in OpenAIRE project she disseminated information, gave presentations and provided consultation about open science and its implementation to different target groups; she also prepared translated dissemination and advocacy material about open science. She was in the organizing team of national open science conferences such as Foster and OpenCon.


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